Hi! I’m Miranda! I’m one half of Variety Row Boutique. I currently live in Indiana… not my dream destination, but Indiana does have most of my favorite people. I have 2 littles, Aerilyn is 5 and Beckett is 2. I am one of the lucky ones that ended up actually marrying their high school sweetheart… and being happy! We love the life we have created together and just have fun being around each other.

Amanda and I met at Butler University where her boyfriend at the time (now husband) and my husband were in the same fraternity together. The first time we met was actually at a fraternity semi-formal. She introduced me to UV blue, which backfired on her when she had to hold my hair the rest of the night at the venue. It must have been quite the bonding experience because for some reason she was still friends with me after that night. 

I think my style has changed a lot over the years. As I became a new mom, and my body changed drastically, I kind of lost where I wanted to be as far as my style. I basically bought anything that I found that would fit as I discovered that it was difficult to find cute clothing in my size. I lived in Nashville, TN at the time, and they had so many cute boutiques and vendor fairs that I would go to on the weekends. I loved the experience, but could never find anything that would fit me. When we started this boutique, I really wanted to be able to get the same clothes that I saw at these boutiques in Nashville, and get them in my size. I wanted to be able to wear the trendy clothes that everyone else was wearing, and not the trash bags that most places carried if it was plus clothing. I hope to make VR a space for women of any size to come and find the trendy pieces that they have been seeing on social media. 

If I’m not taking care of my littles, or working on the boutique, I’m probably watching some trashy reality show. Some of my favs include Vanderpump Rules, The Bachelor/ette, The Challenge and Love is Blind. 

Some speed dating fun facts about me:

Favorite Drink: Daytime: salted carmel creme cold brew Nighttime: Pinot Grigio

Beaches or Mountains?: BEACHES!!! I’m basically Moana because the ocean calls me. 

TV: I love everything from serial killer docs to the Bachelor franchise shows to sitcoms like    Modern Family. 

Music: If you know me you know I am obsessed with rap music. Specifically older 2000’s stuff like Lil Wayne and Drake (I actually have a car freshener on my rearview mirror that is a picture of Lil Wayne’s face). What I listen to daily really depends on my mood or the setting. I can just as easily jam out to some 90 pop rock or Christian music if the situation fits. I also make jokes that Alexa thinks theres like 7 people living in my house with the wide variety of music she will play in a day. 

Interesting Fact: I am Left Handed and I am the only one that we know of in my family.

Favorite Vacation Destination: In 2022 my husband and I went to Iceland. It was seriously the dreamiest place. It truly felt like a different planet! If you are curious about going there definitely hit me up, I love talking about our trip and sharing our do's and don'ts!




Hey, I’m Amanda. I grew up just outside of Indianapolis on the east side. Growing up I danced competitively. If I wasn’t at school I was at the dance studio. I met my husband in middle school and our friendship slowly turned into something more and we officially started dating in our junior year of high school. Once graduating high school I went to Ball State for a year and was accepted into the Radiography program. I then moved to downtown Indy and finished my clinicals at a local hospital. For then on out I was hanging out at Butler every weekend with my boyfriend and soon to be fiancé’ and that's when I met Miranda. After getting married… Miranda’s husband officiated our wedding :) and moving to the burbs we bought a house in Fortville. In 2016 we became a family of 3 and slowly every few years we kept adding more kiddos to the crew. Through this time I was working as a CT Technologist slowly going from full time to part time to spend more time with my kids. After COVID I was getting burnt out working at the hospital and I wanted to do something fun also while being able to have the flexibility to stay at home with my kids. That is when Variety Row bloomed. Miranda and I were both newish moms with multiple kiddos trying to find ourselves again. 

My style has changed so much throughout the years. I remember dressing up and going out to the bars in college and just thinking about the dresses and shoes I used to wear makes me giggle and cringe. After becoming a mother I definitely leaned into the loungewear and didn’t really know how to dress my new body in regular clothes. I can say now I am the most confident in my clothing choices than I have ever been before. I hope we can make even the smallest impact on other mom’s lives and how they feel about their bodies and clothing choices.

If I’m not watching my kids or working on VR things you can find me in bed binging the latest Netflix series or mindlessly scrolling Tiktok. 

Some speed dating fun facts about me:

Favorite Drink: Day time: iced white mocha  Night time: Moscato 

Beaches or Mountains?: if I have to choose between the two I’d say beaches but really just give me a pool and I’m happy. I’m not really a huge fan of sand or climbing mountains- I’m not super athletic if you didn’t know :)

TV: Anything bingeworthy on Netflix, the bachelor, true crime docs

Music: Lizzo station on pandora that’s where it's at

Interesting Fact: I can recite all of the U.S. Presidents

Favorite Vacation Destination: I went to Australia during the 2000 Olympics with my dance company. That was a blast but I was also in 5th grade at the time so it was so long ago. My honeymoon to Jamaica was my most recent favorite vacation.